Friday, October 4, 2013

Using our post-it notes while reading

I found this on  I realized that, as a student myself, I always had to write and take notes about what I was reading in order to understand it.  My students are the same way.  In my mini lesson over post-it notes, I handed out this on cardstock paper and had them glue in into their Reading Response Journals.  We had a HUGE discussion over what they thought this meant.  "Going back and re-reading makes you understand better." "Going back and taking notes helps you to comprehend it more." "Your pencil is like digging a hole, except in your brain." WOW...they totally got it!  They loved this so much that they asked if I could turn these into bookmarks.  You BET!  is all I could say.  I got them bookmarks that day.  And we continue to dig...

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