Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Folders

So sorry.....  The week has gotten away from me.  I had to stop and do more assessments in reading and that threw my whole week out of order...

So, I do not have Friday Folders ready to send home today.  I will send them home, along with the calendar, on Monday.

:)  Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Writer of the week!

This week's Writer of the Week:

Kylee Sherrell

What an awesome job she did describing onion cells!!

Awesome Hair!

These boys have volunteered to give lessons on hairstyles. Thursdays, after school.  ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Book Projects

We will have our first book project due tomorrow.  If you have checked the weekly calendar, I tried to give 2 weeks notice about it.  Students were able to begin choosing books on Wednesday of the 1st week of school, so they have had a little over 2 weeks to read.  We will do this first one in-class, I will show students everything that I want for them to do.  It will be making book jackets, and my kiddoes always love it.

Stay tuned for pics of finished products....  

Building Plant Cells

Mrs. Dana's Writer of the Week for September 1-5, 2014!!

My Writer of the Week this week is Lauren Simmons.  Lauren wrote a wonderful description on the cells of an onion.  She made sure and used her 5 senses and had very good writing mechanics.  Because she is the writer of the week, she gets to sit at her own writing table, she has access to the MAC computer, and chooses a friend to sit with her.

Great job, Lauren!