Tuesday, February 25, 2014

4th grade Mad Libs

I'm pretty sure that I could ask students to do just about anything in class and, as long as I let them illustrate it, they would LOVE to do it!!  Today, as a culminating activity for adverbs & adjectives, I found on www.teacherspayteachers.com a sheet that allows students to create a simple story that includes lots of adverbs & adjectives....then, they drew their story!  They were so excited about this they wanted to do more than one.  THAT'S RIGHT, THEY WANTED EXTRA WORK!!

Take a look at a few that I was able to snap a photo of...

  Jake Hutchison

Eliza Westmoreland  

Jett Kirk

Time for a haircut....or a ponytail!!!!

Poor Jacob.....his teacher is so mean to him.  But we all got a great BIG laugh out of this!!!

A new girl in the classroom?  No that's just Jacob!!!

What a morning!!!!

We were so pleased with the performances made by students in our school from Kicks Martial Arts.  They came to speak to our students about bullying and how to avoid conflict with others.  One student was from our class:  Olivia Smith.  We were very proud of the way she handled herself, her self control, and how well she interacted with her fellow members.  Way to go Olivia!!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ain't he handsome???

Gage isn't embarrassed....  He said, "Put this picture up.  I look good!!!"

Monday, February 17, 2014

Civil War Unit

During our unit on the Civil War, I decided to divide the class into 6 groups and give them overall ideas/opinions of the causes, sufferings, and changes brought upon by the war.

After the unit, we drew this map showing the northern states, the southern states, uncharted territories, and the border states of America.

To finalize the unit, we brainstormed similarities and differences between this war and the previous war in our studies, The Revolutionary War.

Box Winners!

 Valentine's Day Box Winners from Friday were 3rd Place- Jacob Jones, 2nd Place- Dezirae Carter, and 1st place winner- Chaney Allen.  Jacob won candy, Dez won these cool glasses, and Chaney won a $5 gift card to Sonic.

Chaney with her Minion, Dez with Phil Robertson, and Jacob with Mater.  Great job, guys!!

Valentine Boxes!

We had some very creative boxes on Valentine's Day!!!  Here are a few pictures.....

And Emily with her treats from Mom & Dad!!!!