Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Projects from 9/27/13

Again, I had AWESOME book projects this week!  Their thinking about how to make others want to read their books is really getting them excited about sharing!

photo.JPGJonathan Townsley:  Lawn Boy.  I love how he used the white legos to make the sidewalks!

photo.JPGDezirae Carter: I Survived Pearl Harbor

Briley Finster: Sasquatch  In case you can't tell in the picture, Briley gave this book 5 prints (instead of stars!!).

photo.JPGJett Kirk: Captain Underpants.  He did a great job adding details on Problem/Solution.  Great Job!

photo.JPG  photo.JPGDalton Hooker: Honus & Me  I love the details he used:  The staples glued together to make bleachers, the "grass" on the field" and the picture of the real baseball card!

photo.JPGChaney Allen: Middle School: Get Me Outta Here!! She made sure to find the Spanish alphabet and even hung a pic of Dora the Explorer on the wall!

photo.JPGJake Hutchison: Middle School: How I Survived Broccoli, Bullies, and Snake Hill.  I love how "Revenge" is bloody!!!

photo.JPGEmily Tracy: I Survived 9/11 This was a great example of the twin towers, FDNY, and she even had a plane!

photo.JPGHalle Musick: The Loser List

photo.JPGEthan Schulz: I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg.  I couldn't get this one to rotate so you will have to turn your necks!  I love the cannons made out of Expo Markers!

photo.JPGJacob Jones: Tracker

photo.JPGMiah Boss: Junie B. Jones

photo.JPG Caden Melton: The Jacket

photo.JPG Mason Green: The Hunger Games

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