Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Skeleton Creek!!!

I started my unit on mysteries this week.  I always begin in October...so we can see spooky videos, hear spooky books, and write spooky stories.  As always, Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman is the book I am using to introduce them to mysteries.  This book involves the students so much because it integrates what they love:  a good scary story, and videos to watch on the internet.  This is a mystery story about a town called Skeleton Creek.  Two teenagers want to find the history of their town and begin snooping around, trying to find information that NO ONE will tell them.  Ryan is the writer.  His journal is what makes Skeleton Creek.  Sarah is Ryan's best friend.  She is the videographer.  Her videos are what we watch online.  If you want to see what we have seen so far, go to www.sarahfincher.com.  The password for the first video is houseofusher.

At the end of the 1st video, we see this "phantom".  Is it real?

Today, we watched the second video.  WE WERE SUPRISED, SCARED, SCREAMING, and begging for more of the story.  This video is the scariest video we have ever seen.  To see it, use the password theraven.

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  1. Briley was so excited to show me these videos! I think this is a very neat idea!