Friday, March 28, 2014

Cool Book Projects

Emily Tracy created a diorama out of clay figures and popsicle sticks for Dork Diaries

Mason Green's Lego diorama for Jedi Academy.

Eliza Westmoreland created a board game for The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Students Dalton Hooker, Briley Finster, Jett Kirk, Mason Green, and Halle Musick listening to Olivia Smith explain her game "Escape the Dredge" based on the book The Raven.

Chaney Allen created a board game based on her book, Dork Diaries.

Jacob Jones created a board game based on the book Ghost in the Machine called "Return to the Dredge"

Emily Tracy, Miah Boss, Chaney Allen, Eliza Westmoreland, Gage Brugoto, and Dezirae Carter are enjoying Chaney's board game.

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